The rubric “Women and Politics in the Global South” embraces multiple research areas undertaken by political scientists.

The term ‘Global South’ follows a long list of euphemistic phrases coined by the historical academic mainstream seeking to capture human experiences in locations we consider to mark the margins— “developing nations,” “less developed countries,” “Third World,” among others. The reality, as our research shows, is that the margins live within the mainstream too, and because gender inequality is pervasive, women and non-hegemonic gender identities form the “Global South” within the “North” as well. To that end, the ‘Global South’ points to the experience of marginalisation rather than an imagined geographical location.

The RC07 rubric also squarely addresses the persistent issues, challenges and questions relating to the presence and experiences of women in the political sphere—their participation; institutional and other barriers; misogynistic ideologies and practices, including violence against women. The experience of violence connects the personal, structural, political and global levels of analysis.

The rubric of this research committee originated in an interest in gender and development and it remains a central interest. Some topics that have historically interested this committee include women, debt and structural adjustment; women and the environment; women in democratisation; women’s leadership in economic institutions and women’s human rights.

To mirror real-world political concerns, RC07 now invites all researchers interested in gender politics in the context of climate change and disasters; the politics of identity, especial gender and sexual; gender, state and nationalism, including citizenship issues; gender and security; and in women’s participation in peacetime and conflict, in development processes and policy institutions, in social movements and political parties.

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