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Call for abstracts: RC07 Panel for conference on 'Democratization and Autocratization'

RC07 would like to organise a panel at the IPSA 75th anniversary conference in Lisbon, “Democratization and Autocratization." This is a call for papers. Deadline: April 8, 2024.

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Announcing the RC07 Webinar Series

RCO7 will host a monthly webinar series from January 2024.

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A new cycle of seasons at RC07


My name is Swarna Rajagopalan and as of July 2023, I took over from the extremely capable Mariel Lucero as Chair of RC07. We cannot thank her enough for her two terms of selfless service to the community of scholars that make up RC07. 

I will start with a brief introduction. I am from, live and work in India. I trained as a political scientist (like most of you) but my work life has at least three parts. I have maintained an active research life, publishing largely on peace, security and gender. I currently am a Visiting Professor at Krea University in South India. I founded and run an NGO called Prajnya which works for gender equality and peace. Finally, I have been working as a consultant as well. You can read more about me here

It has taken me a couple of months to get organised with RC07 work. As I begin my tenure of service, Daniela Perrotta will serve as Vice-Chair and Mariel Lucero will be a member of our RC Board. 

RC07's two priorities as we start this new cycle of seasons, that is, the period leading to the next Congress in Seoul are to confirm our membership and to constitute a full Board. 

To this end, I start by sharing with you the link to an online form where you may formally sign up to join RC07. You can join if you share our interests and if you are a member of IPSA or your country's Political Science Association. Here is the link

You may have already stated your interest in RC07 when you joined IPSA. We are asking you more questions as a way of understanding our community better so that we may tailor our activities accordingly. 

I look forward to hearing from you!

Swarna Rajagopalan