Following upon the success of the first two International Conferences on Pu blic Policy in Grenoble (2013) and Milan (2015), we are pleased to invite y ou to submit a paper proposal to the leading international forum for public policy scholarship. Organised by the International Public Policy Associati on, the Conference will take place at the Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Pol icy, National University of Singapore, from 28th-30th June 2017. This Call for Papers for the third International Conference on Public Policy follows up on the success of the call for panels with more than 210 panels selected . Open until 16th January 2017, paper proposals should address one of the r esearch questions contained in the panel descriptions found on our website. Please browse the list of panels to find the most relevant panel for your paper.

To submit a paper, please log-in to your account (or creat e one if you haven't done so previously), click on "My Current Conference" and select "ICPP3 Singapore 2017". Then select the "My Papers" tab and clic k on "Submit a paper" and complete the online form with the following infor mation

  • The email(s) of any other co-authors (all co-authors must also have an account in the system),
  • The code of the panel in which you would like to present (or click directly the "submit a paper on this panel" button on the webpage of the pa nel you selected)
  • The title of your paper
  • An abstract of the paper (from 300 to 500 words) explaining your pa per project, your research question, your methodology and how it fits with the panel topic chosen.
  • Each participant should propose a maximum of 2 proposals. Because an abstract must attempt to answer the issues highlighted a s research questions in the Panel, a same proposal cannot be sent to two di fferent panels, but to the most relevant Panel. All proposals which are fou nd to be in duplicate or more will be deleted before the selection process.
  • The selection of the papers for each panel will occur after the end of the call for papers (16th January) and notice will be sent to you after 15th February.

If your proposal is selected, full papers are to be uploaded to the confere nce website no later than 1st June. You must also register and pay conferen ce fees as soon as possible following receipt of notification of selection in order to remain on the program.


2. The Registrations for IPPA Membership and for ICPP3 are NOW OPEN

We just opened the registration for the conference and for the IPPA members hip on our website. You can become member of our Association directly here, becoming m ember of the public policy community, supporting our Association and take a dvantage of a discount for the conference of up to 100€ (PhD Students) and up to 180€ (others). The rate to become an IPPA Individual member for 2 years (2017-2018) is 35€ (PhD Students) and 105€ (others). You also can become IPPA member during the registration process of ICPP3.

If you register to ICPP before 31st March, 2017 and become IPPA member, you will benefit from the lowest rate for the conference: 130€ for PhD st udent and 190€ for others. We also propose to you some options, available when you register to the con ference. Be careful that there are limited places for some of these options and only early registrants will be able to benefit from them:

  • A Pre-Conference for PhD students and Young Scholars on Tuesday, 27 th June: 100€
  • The Gala Dinner on Thursday, 29th June at one of the most beautiful places of Singapore: Gardens by the Bay: 50€
  • Lunch at the venue of the conference: 15€ (each day)



We will regularly provide you important information and updates about Singa pore to help you plan for your travel and accommodation. Our Website is reg ularly updates, so don't hesitate to consult it from time to time. You can find

  • Information about travel. We recommend you to benefit from a discou nt from StarAlliance;
  • Information about Hotels and Hostels. We are working to find out mo re about hotels at different price ranges. From affordable hostels (around 50€/night) to luxury hotels (around 200€), we will provide you in formation and a proposition of discount.

Please note that the Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy (NUS) is pleased to support PhD students presenting at the Conference by providing free on-c ampus accommodation and will also support the participation of academics fr om developing countries in Asia by providing travel subsidies of SGD $500 t o qualifying applicants. The UNDP is also pleased to support the costs of scholars' travel for parti cipants presenting papers in panels marked "eligible for UNDP grant".

All grants are awarded on a competitive basis based on the quality of the a bstract. Information on the procedure to follow to apply for grants and student subs idies is available on our website here.